Personal Contract Hire Lancashire

Are you searching for a personal contract hire agreement in Lancashire? H N Vehicles Ltd offers a range of leasing agreements from excellent worldwide finance companies. With over 10 years of experience in the field, they have competitive quotes that are suitable for all budgets.
Whether you are looking for your first car or you simply want to stick to a budget, a personal contract hire agreement is a great way of having a car without all of the stresses that come with owning it. Ensuring that each customer has a leasing agreement that is tailored to them and their individual requirements, H N Vehicles Ltd is a reliable and trustworthy broker that offers personal contract hire in Lancashire.
Allowing you to spread the cost and have a car which is far more reliable than an older car that is bought outright, they have a wonderful selection of leasing agreements on different brands of cars – from Ford Focus to Kia Sportage and Seat Leon.
What is personal contract hire?
To put it simply, personal contract hire can be defined as a fixed vehicle rental agreement that is signed by a lender and the person that wants to ‘hire’ the car. A popular way of renting a car due to the fixed monthly repayments, people can get a newer car without having to pay for it outright. Giving it back at the end of the agreement, you will have to ensure that you can make the repayments and that you stick to the agreed mileage – without doing this, it may incur additional costs such as interest.
A cost-effective way of having a car, you can also opt for vehicle service maintenance and repairs saving you money if any issues with your car arise throughout the agreement.
Although there are many great benefits that come with personal contract hire agreements, it is also important to consider that if you want to stop the contract earlier than the agreed expiration date, you will have to pay a fee. Also, you must return the car in a good condition without any damage. If you return it with damage that is not covered by your agreement, you will have to pay to get the damage fixed. The car must also be insured with fully comprehensive insurance throughout the time it is in your possession – without this, your agreement will not be binding.
If you want to discover what it is like to drive an incredible brand new car, H N Vehicles Ltd in Lancashire is here to help. Offering car leasing agreements that are ideal for all ages and budgets, you’re guaranteed to find what you are looking for. If you want to find out more about the Lancashire based car leasing brokers or want to inquire about a model or service they provide, contact them today via email or phone. Alternatively, you can drop them a line by filling out the ‘contact us’ form on the website. 

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