Business Contract Hire Lancashire

When you need to get your business on the road, then our business contract hire in Lancashire can make sure that you’re supplied for. We have a wide range of vehicles to suit all of your needs, so feel free to browse our selection or keep reading to learn more about how our services work.
Business Contract Hire Lancashire
Our business contract hire agreements are flexible long-term arrangements that gives your business access to car for however long you need it. These contracts can be as long as 60 months on a fixed monthly rental cost, after which, the car is returned to us. Besides the period of time that you hire for, other aspects of the agreement such as mileage can be customised to make sure you get the most cost-effective rate based on how you’re likely to use the car. We’re also able to arrange extensions if you find that you need the vehicle for longer than first anticipated for.
Why choose business contract hire?
There are a wide range of benefits to taking on a long-term business contract hire of a vehicle as opposed to short-term rentals or buying one out right. Here are just a few:
It comes with a much lower cost than buying a car or renting one in the short-term whenever you believe that you need it.
The fixed monthly costs make it easy to fit into your business budget, making it more trackable and more manageable.
The fixed costs of a business contract hire also include maintenance, servicing, and road tax, simplifying the costs down even further.
When buying a car, you take on the risk of depreciation, lowering the value of your business assets. Hired cars don’t come with that disadvantage. Depreciation is accounted for and expected; it won’t affect your contract.
No need to worry about selling the vehicle when you’re done with it, you simply return it to us.
We handle all the documentation that comes with the car ownership, reducing your need to deal with inconvenient paperwork.
Hopefully, the above points should show that business contract hire has plenty of advantages to offer your business. The next time you need a car, consider whether buying it is really the best option or whether our fixed monthly contracts could be a lot more convenient and cost effective.
Is it the right choice for you?
As a leading provider of business contract hire in Lancashire, H N Vehicles has worked with a variety of teams and business owners. Usually, our services are sought by commercial enterprises, but whether you’re part of a corporate business, a small business, or you’re a sole trader, or simply in need of extra wheels, we’re glad to find the arrangement that works for you.
If you want to learn more about our business contract hire services in Lancashire, check out the range of vehicles we have on offer or get in touch with H N Vehicles. You can contact us on 01254 825881, we’re always glad to answer any queries or concerns you might have.

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